How Cranes Remove Trees

How Cranes Remove Trees

How cranes remove trees in very helpful, especially if it is a big tree.  While a chainsaw and ladder can remove a tree, many companies are investing in cranes to help with tree care and removal. The safest way to remove a tree that is too close to a home, roadway, or people is to use a crane.  It is also used when a tree is too big to remove with a chainsaw.  The tree is lifted out of the area vertically, piece by piece, and moved to a safe drop zone.  This allows the job to be done easily, quickly, and safely with less damage to the landscape.

A tree crane is a specialized piece of equipment used for some tree work and removals.  It is mounted on a large truck and placed in a large and level area close to the working area.  There is a cab at the bottom of the crane for the highly skilled and trained crane operator.  The crane’s boom (the “arm”) can extend to reach tall trees.

The crew will have a detailed plan for the removal of the tree.  The crane will lift a worker up into the tree then secure himself to the tree to prevent falling.  Then the crane is attached to the tree using a steel cable or nylon strap.  The worker cuts that section of the tree, and the crane lifts it up and moves it to the ground crew area.  They will cut the tree into smaller sections and/or run the branches through the wood chipper for compost.  The process is repeated until the whole tree has been removed.

Using a crane to remove a tree reduces the chances of the tree falling on a building, structure, or surrounding trees.  Call Integrity Tree Care today if you have a tree that needs to be removed and we will help you determine the best way to get the job done.

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