Why Remove a Dead Tree

Why You Should Remove a Dead Tree

Here are some of the reasons why you should remove a dead tree by a professional as soon as possible.

Dead Trees Can Cause Injuries

The wood on a dead tree can become brittle and snap easily because it is no longer being supplied with nutrients and moisture.  When branches snap or when the tree falls during a storm on someone, injuries can occur.  You could be responsible for paying any medical bills incurred by the injured party.

Dead Trees Attract Pests

Termites, carpenter ants and other wood boring insects are attracted to dead trees.  These insects will multiply quickly and could infect other trees or your house.  Animals, such as rats, may nest in the dead tree and eventually invade your home to find food and additional shelter.

Dead Trees Can Damage Power Lines

Power lines can be damaged when a branch or tree falls on it.  The power outage for you and your neighborhood could put people with electronically powered medical devises at risk.  Do not try to remove a tree near power lines yourself, you could risk harming yourself or damaging the power lines.

Dead Trees Can Cause Property Damage

A dead tree could fall on your home during a windy storm.  If someone is inside, they could be injured or killed.  Also, the cost for repair to the house could be thousands of dollars.   The same is true for any vehicles that might be damaged.

Knowing the possibilities and consequences of keeping a dead tree in your yard can lead you to an informed decision about its fate.  If you have any dead trees on your property call Integrity Tree Care today for a tree removal estimate.  When your dead tree is removed then you can stop worrying every time a windy storm moves through the area.

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