March 2022

Tips for planting new trees

Tips for Planting Trees

March 21, 2022
With the warmer weather many are looking to improve their landscape by planting a tree.  Garden centers have a large selection of trees in the spring. Remember when planting, young trees are delicate and can easily be influenced by changes in the weather, temperature, and precipitation.  Here are some tips for successfully planting a tree. …
Over Mulching

Over-Mulching Can Kill Your Plants

March 07, 2022
A recent and serious trend has been over-mulching landscape plants. Although a fresh layer of mulch may look nice, you could be using too much mulch.  Mulch volcanoes is the term used when mulch is piled high directly against the plant trunks, creating a volcano shape.  This can cause stress and deterioration of the plants. Here …