24 Hour Emergency Tree Service

When a disaster happens, Integrity Tree Care will be there with our 24 hour emergency service to help you get your home back to normal.

We will respond right away to your emergency, and typically show up, ready to work, within a few hours.

Upon arrival, we will assess the best course of action and will provide an estimate while at your location.

We will begin to safely and timely take care of your tree needs, and clean up like we were never there!

Lastly, we will provide the documentation necessary for you to file a claim with your insurance company, if desired.

Common Cause of Fallen Trees

Storm Causing Tree to Weaken
Stormy Weather Weakens Trees

Typically weather creates an emergency, when either wind or rain causes your tree to fall.

Even strong trees can bow and break when there is a storm.  Flooding and downpours can loosen the soil around your tree due to water that accumulates. This weakens the root system, especially in tree species that have shallow roots. With a loose foundation, the tree can easily fall. On the other hand, if there has been a storm with high wind, for example, a tornado, hurricane, windstorm, or rainstorm, then the canopy of the tree can catch too much air, which uproots it from the soil.

Disease Weakens Trees

Some indicators that this could be the case include:

– holes in the leaves or the bark
– cankers
– clusters of new shoots
– gall
– dusty white mildew
– yellowed, burnt, spotted or wilted leaves
– presence of mushrooms

If you notice any of these, please Contact Us so that we might can treat and save your tree. Otherwise, if it is beyond cure, the tree should be removed before the fall causes more damage to your or your neighbor’s home.