Hot Weather Care for Trees

Hot Weather Care for Trees

Hot weather care for trees is important.

Have you ever thought about how trees are affected by hot weather?  Trees use transpiration to cool themselves, where water evaporates from the small openings in stems, leaves, and flowers.  Trees absorb water from the soil through their roots.  When the weather is hot, trees transpire more and need more energy and water to stay cool.  Hot temperatures are particularly harmful to old, young, and unhealthy trees.  Here are some ways to help your trees stay healthy in hot weather.


It is important to water trees more frequently as temperatures rise.  It is best to water during the evenings and early mornings using a soaker hose turned on low to give your trees a long, cool drink around the entire perimeter of the tree.  Do not overwater because adding more than a tree can absorb can cause root rot.


Mulch spread around the base of your trees helps retain moisture.  It should be spread out in a two-to-three-foot circle without touching the tree bark and be two to four inches deep.  This will keep the soil moist and lower the ground temperature.  You should water the area before putting the mulch down.


It is best to only remove damaged, dead, or diseased branches when there are high temperatures.  Only remove branches that might be dangerous during a storm or high winds.  Be sure to use some fertilizer and water to keep the tree healthy.  It is best not to prune live branches in high temperatures because the wound requires substantial energy to heal and further stresses the tree.

Watering regularly, using mulch, and pruning appropriately, will keep your trees growing strong year-round.  Call Integrity Tree Care to inspect your trees if you think they are suffering from heat stress.  We want to help you keep your trees healthy in the hot temperatures.

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