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Tree Care Mistakes to Avoid

January 07, 2022
Tree care mistakes are common. Most yards have trees which boost the curb appeal and provide relief from the heat.  With proper care they can provide beauty and shade for years.  Here are some common mistakes to avoid so they will stay healthy. Pruning It is important to cut away any dead or overgrown branches …

Caring for Young Trees in the Winter

December 21, 2021
Now that young trees have been added to the landscape, it is time to prepare them for winter.  New trees need extra attention for the first two years. Winter can bring ice and snow which can weigh branches down causing breakage.  Snow cover insulates trees from wind and freezing temperatures.  Soil can expand and contract …
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Tree Care: 7 Most Recognizable Signs You Should Hire a Tree Company

January 13, 2021
The trees around your home offer energy-saving shade and improve the air quality. Like all living things, trees fall victim to ailments and the effects of aging. Without the right tree care, those aging trees could pose a hazard to your home. You might ask, “Do I need tree care service? Caring for my trees doesn’t …
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5 Tips to Care for a Live Oak Tree

June 01, 2020
There are 600 different types of oak trees around the world, and North America has the widest variety of species with 90. You may have a live oak tree in yours or a loved one’s yard and want to learn how to take care of it. When you shower a live oak tree in TLC, …