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Tree Insects

Insects That Kill Trees

April 21, 2022
Insects feed on trees like a parasite and are one of the main causes of deforestation.  They can weaken your tree’s health and make it easier for tree diseases to attack.  Learning to identify harmful insects is vital to ensuring the long-term health of your trees.  Here are some common insects to look for to …

Tree Care Mistakes to Avoid

January 07, 2022
Tree care mistakes are common. Most yards have trees which boost the curb appeal and provide relief from the heat.  With proper care they can provide beauty and shade for years.  Here are some common mistakes to avoid so they will stay healthy. Pruning It is important to cut away any dead or overgrown branches …

Tree Pruning: Best Time and Why

December 07, 2021
The best time for tree pruning is not in the fall but in the late winter. February is a great month for pruning in North Carolina. There are several reasons why pruning is best during the cold of winter. First, plants are in a state of dormancy during the winter cold and deciduous plants have …
Tree Trimming Charlotte NC

Top 7 Major Benefits of Tree Trimming

January 06, 2021
As a home- or landowner, you know the perks of having a beautifully maintained tree on your property. A well-maintained tree can add thousands of dollars to your property value and the overall appeal of your home.  For the most part, trees can grow and develop on their own, with little to no intervention from …
best time to trim trees

When Is the Best Time to Trim Trees?: A Guide to the Best Season for Tree Trimming

November 16, 2020
Fall is when most homeowners believe is the right time to prune and trim back their trees. The truth is, for most trees, that is a little bit early. The fallen leaves do provide a better view of where pruning needs to occur, but doing so at the wrong time can damage the tree. Fall …
How to Trim a Tree

The Beginner’s Guide to How to Trim a Tree

October 15, 2020
Tree hugger or tree killer?   That’s the decision that many of us make when we’re figuring out how to trim a tree for the first time. Tree pruning is intimidating. Where do you cut? How often should you prune?   Most of the time, these fears are from a lack of information, so you’re …