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When Should You Consider Having a Tree Removed?

There are more than 3 trillion trees across the world with more than 229 billion in the United States. With numbers like that, it’s easy to see that trees play an important role in ecosystems everywhere. Not only that, they’re beautiful to look at too.

Unfortunately, trees can’t live forever especially in conjunction with humans and their buildings. Occasionally it will come to the point when it’s time to have a tree removed. Since trees have such an impact on their surrounding environment, it can be devastating to come to that decision, and many wait too long.

We’ve created a guide to all the signs for necessary tree removal to help you make the right choice in a timely manner!

Looks Unhealthy


One of the biggest benefits of having a tree is the beauty that they add to any property. Most types of trees command attention and can be a focal point in any landscaping!

A tree that is healthy and strong looks like it. Its leaves are lustrous and their color is vibrant. The trunk is uniformly covered in bark and the branches are growing naturally. But, like us, trees can get sick and it shows on their exterior.

When you start to notice that your tree has deep cracks in its bark, has excessive dead branches, appears hollow, or the leaves don’t look right it’s time to call a tree professional. Because of their large size, trees die slowly so you may be able to keep your tree but dying trees also turn into safety problems so getting professional advice is a good idea.

Visible Damage


When a tree becomes sick, it’s frustrating because you often don’t know the cause or where the illness was introduced. But other times a tree can sustain damage from a traumatic event that leads to its removal.

If you can see that the tree is missing large branches or a chunk out of the trunk, it’s time for the tree to be removed. Since the tree works as one big system, if one area can’t function properly it’s likely that the whole thing will go into decline and die altogether.

This kind of damage can happen after a storm, during surrounding construction, or even from daily interactions. It’s important to keep an eye on your tree for any signs of visible damage and have major ones checked out by a professional.

Safety Hazards


As beautiful as they are, trees can quickly become dangerous as well. Especially as you move into the matured species and ones that have had a lot of time to grow and develop.

When a tree becomes a major safety hazard to the buildings and people around it, it has to be removed.

One of the most common issues trees face is that they begin to lean. Their roots can’t hold them up any longer and that makes them more precarious. If there happens to be a major storm that can push it over, the consequences would be devastating.

Growing Extras


Because of their large size and their makeup, it’s not uncommon for a tree to become a home for other living things. Most of the time this isn’t a problem and is actually often a big benefit to the tree.

But on occasion, something else growing on the tree is a sign that something is wrong and could be an indication that you’re in need of some tree services soon. It’s important to inspect your tree so you can catch these signs early before it becomes a big problem.

One of the biggest things to look for is fungus around the bottom. This can be a sign of root rot which if left undetected can make the tree a big safety threat.

Issues with Surroundings


Unfortunately, we can’t control how our trees grow and interact with their surroundings. In a perfect world, the roots would grow in a way that didn’t interfere with other plants or buildings but that often isn’t the case.

When your tree roots begin to grow in a way that could potentially cause damage to something else on your property, it’s time to consider tree removal.

Tree roots are large and powerful, as they grow they have the ability to crack, dent, puncture, or break other objects. Most often you see this kind of damage done to plumbing pipes or building foundations. Those are costly repairs to be made, so catching the interaction early and removing the tree can save you big in the long run.

Professional Advice


A lot of the issues that we’ve discussed here aren’t obvious to the average person. Oftentimes issues a tree may be having are hidden and only giving off small hints a trained eye can see. That’s why it’s important to have a tree professional check out your trees on a regular basis.

When you hire tree professionals, they will come out and inspect your trees. They’ll look for tell-tale signs and offer a game plan to keep your trees as healthy as possible.

Yard maintenance is a big job, regardless of the size of your property. When you add in a tree, especially when it’s on the larger side, the job can become overwhelming. Using a professional service to keep things healthy and give you advice makes it so much easier!

When to Get a Tree Removed


Having a tree on your property comes with so many benefits; there’s shade from the leaves and branches, sometimes added privacy, more wildlife visiting the area, and so many more. It’s a shame that trees don’t always last forever.

Once you’ve decided it’s time to get a tree removed, it’s important to get the job done quickly and safely. Hiring tree removal services is a great way to ensure that the job gets done properly and takes the load off of you! They’ll even handle cleanup!

If you’re in need of tree services (trimming or removal) on your property, contact us today for more information!

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