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We at Integrity Tree Care are experts at managing your tree-related service needs. Serving Indian Trail, Charlotte and Monroe, NC with over 20 years of experience, we have built up a wide range of skills and expertise to help you control your trees. We are professionals who are quickly able to resolve any issue you have with minimal fuss. If you want the job done right the first time, call us, and we will be happy to help. We offer a wide range of services, and no job is too big or too small. Our team of experts can help you with a wide range of services including:


Our Tree Care Services



Tree Trimming – Tree Removal – Tree Pruning – Stump Removal & Grinding – Emergency Tree Services – Tree and Shrub Fertilization – Insect & Disease Management – Tree Health Inspection and Maintenance


Tree Removal


Tree removal – this involves the complete removal of the tree, stump and all. We use the most up-to-date equipment to ensure that trees are felled in the correct manner for your home. You do not need to worry about anything. However, before doing so, if we assess the situation and agree that the tree does not need to be felled, as it is not dangerous, or diseased, for example, we will discuss the options with you. If you chose to keep the tree, we offer annual services to keep it at bay that are second to none. We understand that having a tree removed can be a stressful thing to do. Not only are the huge objects to move, but you can grow emotionally attached to them and not want to see them cut down. We want you to rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned. Your satisfaction is always our top priority.



Tree Trimming and Pruning


Tree trimming – this is a service where we will remove parts of the tree for you. It may be the service we fall back on if your tree does not need removal. We can do this to reduce the weight of the tree and to allow more sunlight to reach down into your garden. You can call us if you have dead or diseased branches, avoiding the spread of any contagion. We can also remove parts of the root system too.



Tree pruning – this is one of the most used services. It is where we will assess the tree and work out the best way to prune it in order to promote a better growth pattern. There are many reasons why this needs to be done, such as ensuring the structural integrity and health of the tree itself. The continued safety of the people and property below. Ensuring that the tree does not steal all the light from the garden and the house. There are also tree-design and aesthetic considerations to take into account. You may, for instance, want the tops branches gone to allow for a thicker growth of foliage below. We offer crown trimming and crown lifting. All of these issues can be fixed by a good tree pruning service, such as the one we at Integrity Tree Care offer.



Tree Planting


Tree planting – we will assess your garden for soil type, drainage, light, etc. and discuss with you the tree species options you have available. We will plant the healthiest and appropriate tree types for your land. You can choose us to plant anything from saplings all the way up to mature trees, whatever suits you best. We can also offer you a nurturing service to ensure that your trees grow healthy and strong.



Tree care – our tree care service is excellent. We will come and ensure the ongoing healthy growth of your trees. Our most primary concern is your health and safety, so we will provide regular check-ups to ensure that everything is growing as expected. We can provide an assessment and general advice on the upkeep. If anything, more needs to be done will not hesitate to advise you on the correct course of action.



Stump Removal, tree removal Charlotte


Tree stump removal – this is a service which gets carried out automatically after we have removed a tree from your land, as part of a full package. However, if you have had a tree removed in the past and the stump remains, we can come and remove that for you too. Stump removal consists of the complete and total removal of the tree stump, whether it is hazardous or otherwise. We can remove it from anywhere, like beside roads or forest plantations. We will remove roots and cut them up for you. We will also fill in the hole that is left afterward. A task like this needs to be done for many reasons, not least to halt the spread of any potentially hazardous fungal root rots can, which can cause havoc among living trees.



Tree stump grinding – this service is something that is usually performed in conjunction with the tree stump removal service. It is where we use a special tree stump grinding machine and grind away the tree stump. We usually aim to go at least 8 to 10 inches below the ground.



Emergency tree removal


Emergency tree services we at Integrity Tree Care in Indian Trail, NC provide a 24/7 emergency tree service. There are many different things that can happen then are labeled as an emergency. The most obvious of these is a fallen tree after a storm has swept the neighborhood, and you need that tree cut up and removed as quickly as possible. There may also be broken branches that are dangling dangerously over a road or footpath. It may also be leaning too much now due to excessive rainfall clearing out underlying soil, for example. Alternatively, you may not have been aware previously but have suddenly realized that a considerable section of the tree is diseased, and you need to stop that spread asap. Well, we can help you with all those issues.



If you have a tree emergency or any other types of tree care issues, please contact us at Integrity Tree Care and get a quote in no time. We are professional experts serving Indian Trail, Charlotte and Monroe, NC and aim to have your needs catered too in a time appropriate and affordable manner.



So, call us today at (704) 608-7285, or contact us on our web form and we will get our team out to provide you with A+ service.

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