Tree Care Mistakes

Tree Care Mistakes to Avoid

Tree care mistakes are common. Most yards have trees which boost the curb appeal and provide relief from the heat.  With proper care they can provide beauty and shade for years.  Here are some common mistakes to avoid so they will stay healthy.


It is important to cut away any dead or overgrown branches and stems.  Not pruning enough can affect the growth of the tree.  If it is done incorrectly air circulation is restricted and the tree’s growth is negatively affected.

Pruning too much can be fatal for a tree.  Don’t cut healthy branches unless it is a safety hazard.  Also, cutting too close to the tree trunk can expose it to disease, decay, and damage from sun or insects.


Mature trees usually don’t require frequent watering.  Younger trees will need more water until they are established. Overwatering can cause the roots to rot, so the soil at the base of the tree should not be soggy.  During times of extreme heat, it is important to ensure that the tree is getting enough water.  Common signs that a tree isn’t getting enough water are leaves changing color or wilting.


Mulch helps prevent soil from drying out.  It is best to use a hardwood mulch 2-3 inches deep and spread out without touching the tree trunk.  Piling it up like a volcano traps moisture against the trunk, which can cause rot.  If it is too deep the tree roots can’t get the oxygen they need.

Bad Timing

Doing something to a tree at the wrong time of year can lead to disaster.  Study up on your tree to learn when the best time is to water, apply fertilizer, prune, and tree top.  Recommendations can change with different species.

Tree Topping

A tall tree can cause electric line problems, outgrowing its space, or obstructing the view.  Reducing a tree’s size by cutting off large branches or topping can expose it to disease, decay, and insect infestations.  It is best to have a professional do the pruning.  Sometimes it might be better to remove the tree and replace it with a better variety for that sight.

Avoiding these mistakes will produce strong, healthy trees for years.  Call Integrity Tree Care to assess your trees for proper care to keep them healthy.

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