Mature Trees Care

Tips for Beautiful Mature Trees Care

Beautiful mature trees are to be valued and preserved.  They provide landscape beauty and shade which increase home value and reduce energy consumption.  Other benefits include blocking wind, absorbing traffic noise, improving air quality, and reducing storm water runoff.   Mature trees require special care to stay healthy.  Follow these maintenance tips to ensure your mature tree thrives.


Spread Mulch

One of the best things you can do is spread a wide, even layer of mulch at the base of the tree without touching the bark.  It discourages weeds and prevents oxygen deprivation of tree roots from soil compacting.  It is best to use mulch made of wood chips or shredded wood.  This will feed the microorganisms in the soil as it decomposes which produce nutrients that the tree roots can absorb.  Having mulch around the base of the tree will keep lawn mowers and trimmers from causing bark damage.


Mature trees need to have their dead or diseased lower and interior limbs pruned.  Healthy limbs should be left alone since mature trees have so little new growth.  They should be pruned during the dormant season only.  Avoid taking top limbs because it removes food-producing leaves, establishes openings for disease, and can lead to the death of the tree.


Mature trees can live off rainfall most of the time.  But when it hasn’t rained for several weeks, trees need to be watered.  It is best to water in the evening using a soaker hose or a slow dribble to gradually add moisture to the soil.  Every 20 minutes, move the hose until you have covered all the tree’s root zone.

 As a tree matures, it may develop rot, cracks, disease or have heavy dead branches.  It should be inspected every few years to prolong the tree’s life.  Call Integrity Tree Care today to schedule an appointment for your mature tree recommendations.

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