Fall Tree Care Tips

Fall Tree Care Tips

It’s the time of year to share fall tree care tips! Fall is here when tree leaves start changing from green to red, orange and yellow colors before they fall to the ground. Also, it is a good time to prepare trees for their winter dormant season. A little time spent on tree maintenance in the fall can increase your trees’ health throughout the year. Get started by following these 5 fall tree care tips.

    1. Early fall is a good time to plant a new tree. The cooler temperatures won’t put as much stress on the tree as the summer heat. It is important to give the tree a long and deep watering to help the roots grow downwards and develop a strong root system. A short and shallow watering can cause roots to grow upwards which weakens the tree.
    2. Stop watering mature trees at the beginning of fall and allow all the leaves to drop. After the leaves have dropped, give the tree a deep watering in the circle of ground beneath the outer edges of the tree’s canopy. This is where the roots will be able to absorb the most water. The water should go down a foot below the surface to ensure the tree has enough moisture for the winter.
    3. Rake leaves early and often to protect your trees from infections. Fungi in the fallen leaves can infect the tree and cause disease in the spring.
    4. Apply 3-6 inches of mulch at the base of the tree to keep the soil warmer as the temperature drops. Do not place the mulch directly against the trunk. The mulch will add nutrients to the soil for the tree to use next spring as it begins growing again.
    5. Avoid pruning until after the trees’ leaves have fallen. November is the best time. If you prune earlier, the tree may be stimulated to grow, and the cold temperatures can harm it. Also, the pruning wounds take longer to heal and the risk for infection increases.

This fall, take time to care for the trees on your property. You will be rewarded with abundant, vibrate foliage in the spring. Call Integrity Tree Care today for help with any fall tree care service.

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