Fall Tree Planting

Fall is a Great Time for Tree Planting

Fall brings an exhibition of colors as leaves turn and temperatures cool.  It is a great time to plant trees and shrubs in the Carolinas.  Trees planted in the fall have less stress, better growth and it provides an extra growing season before the summer heat arrives.  In the winter, trees go dormant.  The tree’s growth, energy consumption, and metabolism slow down which allows the new tree to use its energy to establish its roots.  Here are some of the advantages of fall tree planting.

Cooler Temperatures

After the summer heat lessens and fall days arrive, the cooler temperatures help reduce the stress on trees.  The soil is warmer which allows the tree to establish its roots successfully and get nutrients before going dormant in the winter.  It is best to plant a new tree at least six weeks before a hard frost to give it time to establish its roots. The tree roots will continue to grow as long as the soil temperature is above 40°F.

Fall Rains

The fall weather usually brings plenty of rain.  With the cooler temperatures and shorter days, the new tree will not need to be watered by you as often as it would in the spring and summer.  The rain and cooler temperatures benefit a new sapling trying to retain as much water as possible to help with its growth.

Low Maintenance

In the winter, trees go dormant requiring less maintenance than trees planted in the spring and summer.  They are naturally watered when it rains, and the cool soil temperatures promote root growth.  The extra months of growing during the fall and winter allow for more productive growth the following year.

Planting trees in the fall allows a stronger root system to develop before the heat stress of summer than trees planted in the spring and summer.  But whether you’re planting in the spring or fall, your newly planted tree will still need a little care in the first year of its life.  Call Integrity Tree Care  today for tree planting advice.

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