Tree Care

Fast Growing Trees in NC

Fast Growing Trees in NC

Fast growing trees are popular for many reasons.  They provide shelter from the sun, privacy, and enhance your landscape.  Trees improve air quality and cultivate a natural habitat for bugs and animals.  Planting fast-growing trees can add value to your property.  Here are some of the most popular fast-growing trees for North Carolina. Hybrid Poplar …

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Insects That Kill Trees

Insects That Kill Trees

There are many insects that kill trees. Insects feed on trees like a parasite and are one of the main causes of deforestation.  They can weaken your tree’s health and make it easier for tree diseases to attack.  Learning to identify harmful insects is vital to ensuring the long-term health of your trees.  Here are …

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Tips for Planting Trees

Tips for Planting Trees

Need some tips for planting trees? With the warmer weather many are looking to improve their landscape by planting a tree.  Garden centers have a large selection of trees in the spring. Remember when planting, young trees are delicate and can easily be influenced by changes in the weather, temperature, and precipitation.  Here are some …

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Over-mulching can be dangerous

Over-Mulching Can Kill Your Plants

Over-mulching can be dangerous. A recent and serious trend has been over-mulching landscape plants. Although a fresh layer of mulch may look nice, you could be using too much mulch.  Mulch volcanoes is the term used when mulch is piled high directly against the plant trunks, creating a volcano shape.  This can cause stress and deterioration …

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Mulch benefits for your landscape

Mulch Benefits for Plants

Mulch benefits your landscape. Mulch is an organic or inorganic material applied to the soil surface to conserve soil moisture, moderate soil temperature, prevent weed growth, protect tree roots, and prevent soil compaction.  Organic materials used for mulch include wood chips, pine needles, bark, leaves, hay, and straw.  Crushed limestone, gravel, stone chips, river rock …

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