Best trees to plant in NC

The Best Trees to Plant in NC

The best trees to plant in NC (North Carolina) provide shade from the sun, privacy, and curb appeal.  While many trees will flourish in the state, some species are more successful and easier to care for than others.  Here are a variety of popular options to help you choose the best tree for you.

Dogwood Trees

Dogwood trees are small and may get as high as 10 to 25 feet.  They don’t require a lot of water or fertilizer and should be planted in an area with some sun but not full, direct sunlight.  Dogwood trees give your landscape color in the spring with their beautiful white or pink flowers.

Oak Trees

Oak trees will grow in almost any soil type and thrive in extreme temperatures.  They are one of the fastest growing trees in North Carolina.  Within a few years, oak trees will provide shade for your yard and eventually grow up to 80 feet tall.  They add color to the landscape, especially in the fall when the leaves turn to beautiful shades of orange, red and brown.

Maple Trees

Maple trees are very sturdy trees with a large root system and can live over 100 years.  They grow fast with large branches and leaves which provide shade for your house.  Maple trees have beautiful flowers in the spring, wonderful shades of green in the summer, and spectacular colors of orange, yellow, and red in the fall.

Japanese Lilac Trees

Japanese lilac trees are good for small spaces and require little water.  They should be planted in well-draining, loose soil in a sunny area.  Japanese lilac trees can accentuate the shrubs, flowers, bushes, or any other plant in your yard.

Planting the right tree can enhance the landscape of your yard.  Picking trees that are native to North Carolina ensures fewer complications and less maintenance to keep the tree healthy.  Contact  Integrity Tree Care to learn what trees are best for your yard today.

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