Trimming Tall Trees

Trimming Tall Trees

Tall trees provide ample shade, as well as a large habitat for a variety of animals.  To keep them in optimal health they must be trimmed and pruned occasionally.  When a tree limb dies or becomes too heavy, it can break away from the trunk and possibly injure a person or damage property.  For safety reasons it is best to hire a professional for tall or extensive tree trimming.  They will have the necessary equipment to ensure that the job is completed correctly and safely.

Why You Need to Trim Tall Trees

  • To remove dead, broken, or diseased branches.
  • To increase air circulation and allow sunlight in by opening the crown.
  • To ensure strong structure by removing branches that cross or touch each other.
  • To increase flower production.
  • To improve the shape of the tree.
  • To keep branches clear of power lines.
  • To remove branches that block a driveway or obstruct a view.

Trimming Tall Trees

  • Plan which branches to trim.
  • Determine where to cut the branch without damaging the tree.
  • Gather equipment necessary to complete the job, such as clippers, safety harness and glasses, pruning pole, and a tripod ladder.
  • Place the ladder under the tree and insert the metal spikes at the bottom of each leg into the dirt to prevent the ladder from slipping.
  • Climb the ladder and attach the safety harness to a sturdy tree branch and your waist.
  • Use the clippers and the pole to cut the damaged or overgrown limb outside the branch collar. Make sure the branch will not fall on anyone or anything below.

Trimming a tree can be harmful if done incorrectly.  A professional will know how to trim tall trees to ensure that the tree stays healthy.  If done incorrectly, the tree could become diseased or infested by insects.  Call Integrity Tree Care today to schedule an estimate for trimming your tall trees.

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