Best Flowering Trees in NC

Beautiful Flowering Trees to Plant in NC

There are many breathtaking flowering trees and shrubs that grow well in North Carolina.  Their beautiful blooms can be the central attraction of your landscape and attract birds, bees, and butterflies to your home.  Read on to discover some of the best flowering trees to plant in the Charlotte area.

Fringe Tree

The Fringe tree has blooms of white, spiky flowers that grow downward like a beard and is also known as “old man’s beard”.  The tree requires full or partial sun and blooms in mid-April to May.  It is native to North Carolina, deciduous, and has large, opposite leaves that appear after it blooms.   The Fringe tree is classified as a shrub and tree that grows 20 feet tall with a wide canopy.  The leaves are dark green and turn yellow in the fall.

Flowering Dogwood

The Flowering Dogwood is the North Carolina state flower.  It has a short trunk with almost horizontal branches that reach out 15 to 20 feet.  White flowers bloom in the early spring, covering most of the tree.  The bright green leaves turn a colorful red in the fall.  In the winter, clusters of red fruits appear.  It prefers partial shade and well-drained, acidic soil.

Lipan Crape Myrtle

The Lipan Crape Myrtle boasts large clusters of lavender-pink flowers at the end of June.  It can be a tree or shrub with a 10-to-15-foot canopy.  The tree has deep green leaves that turn red and orange in the fall.  It is disease-resistant and requires full sun.

Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud has multiple trunks with horizontal branches with a rounded crown.  The flowers are clusters of pink to light-purple blooms that appear in the spring.  It has large, heart-shaped, alternate leaves and grows up to 30 feet tall with a 25-to-35-foot canopy.  It requires full to partial sun with leaves turning a golden yellow in the fall.

With a humid, subtropical climate and mild winters, North Carolina is home to some of the best flowering trees in the US.  Call the professionals at Integrity Tree Care with any further questions or concerns.

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