Tree Care Mistakes to Avoid

January 07, 2022
Tree care mistakes are common. Most yards have trees which boost the curb appeal and provide relief from the heat.  With proper care they can provide beauty and shade for years.  Here are some common mistakes to avoid so they will stay healthy. Pruning It is important to cut away any dead or overgrown branches …

Caring for Young Trees in the Winter

December 21, 2021
Now that young trees have been added to the landscape, it is time to prepare them for winter.  New trees need extra attention for the first two years. Winter can bring ice and snow which can weigh branches down causing breakage.  Snow cover insulates trees from wind and freezing temperatures.  Soil can expand and contract …

Tree Pruning: Best Time and Why

December 07, 2021
The best time for tree pruning is not in the fall but in the late winter. February is a great month for pruning in North Carolina. There are several reasons why pruning is best during the cold of winter. First, plants are in a state of dormancy during the winter cold and deciduous plants have …
Tree Health

10 Helpful Tips for Maintaining Optimal Tree Health

May 28, 2021
The average tree has a lifespan of anywhere from 50 to 75 years, although many live much longer than that. However, if you want your trees to last for a long time, you need to find ways to maintain optimal tree health. Do you want to learn more about tree maintenance, trimming, pruning, and more? Keep …
How to Remove a Stump

How To Remove a Stump Safely and Securely

April 29, 2021
Your children are running around the backyard playing when one of them trips over a tree stump. Luckily, the child is okay other than a scraped knee. Tree stumps are more than a falling hazard. They’ll attract insects when they begin to rot, and the roots can destroy your pipelines. Having a huge stump in …
signs of a dying tree

10 Signs of a Dying Tree You Shouldn’t Ignore

March 15, 2021
Do you know the signs of a dying tree? If trees surround your home, you should be aware of your trees’ health-  for safety reasons if nothing else. OSHA says that trees are more dangerous than sharks, in terms of the damage they do. Each year, more people die from falling trees than from shark attacks. …
Tree Removed Charlotte NC

When Should You Consider Having a Tree Removed?

March 10, 2021
There are more than 3 trillion trees across the world with more than 229 billion in the United States. With numbers like that, it’s easy to see that trees play an important role in ecosystems everywhere. Not only that, they’re beautiful to look at too.  Unfortunately, trees can’t live forever especially in conjunction with humans and …
Storm Cleanup

Storm Cleanup: How to Deal With the Aftermath

February 07, 2021
Storms cause extreme damage to properties, neighborhoods, and entire regions every year in the US. Need proof? Look no further than the $1.9 trillion (that’s trillion, with a ‘t’) worth of destruction they’ve produced over the last 40 years! It’s little surprise when you think of the havoc that high winds, heavy rain, floodwater, and lightning strikes can wreak. …
Tree Care Charlotte NC

Tree Care: 7 Most Recognizable Signs You Should Hire a Tree Company

January 13, 2021
The trees around your home offer energy-saving shade and improve the air quality. Like all living things, trees fall victim to ailments and the effects of aging. Without the right tree care, those aging trees could pose a hazard to your home. You might ask, “Do I need tree care service? Caring for my trees doesn’t …
Tree Trimming Charlotte NC

Top 7 Major Benefits of Tree Trimming

January 06, 2021
As a home- or landowner, you know the perks of having a beautifully maintained tree on your property. A well-maintained tree can add thousands of dollars to your property value and the overall appeal of your home.  For the most part, trees can grow and develop on their own, with little to no intervention from …