Fast Growing Trees

Fast-Growing Trees in NC

August 07, 2022
Fast-growing trees are popular for many reasons.  They provide shelter from the sun, privacy, and enhance your landscape.  Trees improve air quality and cultivate a natural habitat for bugs and animals.  Planting fast-growing trees can add value to your property.  Here are some of the most popular fast-growing trees for North Carolina. Hybrid Poplar These …
hot weather and trees

Hot Weather Care for Trees

July 21, 2022
Have you ever thought about how trees are affected by hot weather?  Trees use transpiration to cool themselves, where water evaporates from the small openings in stems, leaves, and flowers.  Trees absorb water from the soil through their roots.  When the weather is hot, trees transpire more and need more energy and water to stay …
Crane Removing Tree

How Cranes Remove Trees

July 07, 2022
While a chainsaw and ladder can remove a tree, many companies are investing in cranes to help with tree care and removal. The safest way to remove a tree that is too close to a home, roadway, or people is to use a crane.  It is also used when a tree is too big to …
Remove Dead Trees

Why You Should Remove a Dead Tree

June 21, 2022
Trees add beauty, shade, and privacy to a house, but dead trees can be hazards, especially during storms.  Here are some of the reasons why you should remove a dead tree by a professional as soon as possible. Dead Trees Can Cause Injuries The wood on a dead tree can become brittle and snap easily …
Dead Tree with Fungus

Is My Tree Dead?

June 07, 2022
It is important to know the difference between a dead and a diseased tree.  A sick tree can sometimes be saved, but a dead tree needs to be removed.  Sometimes it is obvious that a tree is dying when leaves turn brown in the summer or branches show signs of wood-boring pests.  So how do …
Sick Tree

Common Tree Diseases in North Carolina

May 24, 2022
Tree diseases can occur and cause unsightly blemishes on any tree or death if untreated.  If the disease is discovered early, it can usually be treated.  Here is a closer look at some of the most common tree diseases in North Carolina. Brown Spot Needle Blight:  It causes pine tree needles to turn brown and …
Best trees to buy in Charlotte

The Best Trees to Plant in NC

May 07, 2022
The best trees to plant in North Carolina provide shade from the sun, privacy, and curb appeal.  While many trees will flourish in the state, some species are more successful and easier to care for than others.  Here are a variety of popular options to help you choose the best tree for you. Dogwood Trees …
Tree Insects

Insects That Kill Trees

April 21, 2022
Insects feed on trees like a parasite and are one of the main causes of deforestation.  They can weaken your tree’s health and make it easier for tree diseases to attack.  Learning to identify harmful insects is vital to ensuring the long-term health of your trees.  Here are some common insects to look for to …
Shade Trees in Charlotte

Best Shade Trees for Charlotte Area

April 07, 2022
Shade trees offer many benefits.  They provide natural shade to help protect your family and pets from the hot sun.  Trees will add beauty, character, and privacy for years to your home.  They can even save money by cooling your home and reducing your energy bill.  Here are some of the best shade trees to …
Tips for planting new trees

Tips for Planting Trees

March 21, 2022
With the warmer weather many are looking to improve their landscape by planting a tree.  Garden centers have a large selection of trees in the spring. Remember when planting, young trees are delicate and can easily be influenced by changes in the weather, temperature, and precipitation.  Here are some tips for successfully planting a tree. …

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